Wooden Fork & Spoon

Wooden Fork & Spoon Wooden Fork & Spoon

Wooden Fork & Spoon

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Timber is sturdy but not harsh, lasts for years and even many years, and is among the most versatile substances out of which a kitchen utensil can be crafted. Regardless of this, wood spoons appear to have fallen out of prefer in dwelling kitchens. I hardly ever see more than one (if any at all) in the tangle of utensils on associates’ counters, and wood utensils are consistently outnumbered by using those made from different materials in shops. So many humans forget about this superbly efficient and historic kitchen device, ignoring the various explanations wood spoons are better than the rest.
The spoon is made up of shesham wood and available in different sizes , woods like shesham , beech, maple, haldu, camp etc

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